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e-HongKongGuide e-HongKongGuide

e-HongKongGuide is a Hong Kong official electronic map book developed by the Survey and Mapping Office of the Lands Department and is free for non-commercial use. It contains an interactive storytelling map and a collection of electronic maps.

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Storytelling Map

This year's edition features the new town development in the northern part of Hong Kong which will be developed into a metropolitan area. Three new towns, namely Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long and Fanling/Sheung Shui are located within this area. The storytelling map showcases the topographic, demographic and developmental changes of these new towns over the past decades, as well as the future development of their surrounding areas through the new interactive storytelling map.

e-HongKongGuide 2024

Download Complete Set

Before downloading the maps, please read the copyright notice.

Item File Size Download
e-HongKongGuide 2024
(include 105 Street Map pages, 13 Small Scale Map pages and both Map Index, Whole Territory Map, Index Contents, Railways Network and Strategic Routes Map, Legend)
448 MB Download

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Download Individual Map

Index (Street Map)

PDF Map Title File Size Download
Street Map Index e-HongKongGuide 2024 4.1 MB Download

Small Scale Map

PDF Map Title File Size Download
Small Scale Map Index e-HongKongGuide 2024 2 MB Download
SS01 Mai Po / Sheung Shui 9.5 MB Download
SS02 Pat Sin Leng / Double Haven 6.8 MB Download
SS03 Tuen Mun / Yuen Long 8 MB Download
SS04 Tai Mo Shan / Ma On Shan 10.6 MB Download
SS05 Sai Kung 6.3 MB Download
SS06 Tsing Yi / Kowloon Peninsula 7.9 MB Download
SS07 Hong Kong Island 6.8 MB Download
SS08 Tseung Kwan O / Ninepin Group 5.6 MB Download
SS09 Lantau Island 5.2 MB Download
SS10 Lamma Island 2.2 MB Download
SS11 Lung Kwu Chau 1.7 MB Download
SS12 Soko Islands 1.8 MB Download
SS13 Po Toi Islands 2 MB Download

Hong Kong Island (Street Map)

PDF Map Title File Size Download
HK01 Kennedy Town 1.3 MB Download
HK02 Sai Wan / Sai Yung Pun 2.7 MB Download
HK03 Sheung Wan / Central District 3.2 MB Download
HK04 Wan Chai / Causeway Bay 3.1 MB Download
HK05 North Point / Quarry Bay 2.9 MB Download
HK06 Tai Koo / Sai Wan Ho 2.6 MB Download
HK07 Shau Kei Wan / Heng Fa Chuen 2.4 MB Download
HK08 Chai Wan / Siu Sai Wan 2.6 MB Download
HK09 Pok Fu Lam 1.9 MB Download
HK10 The Peak / Magazine Gap 2.8 MB Download
HK11 Wan Chai Gap / Happy Valley 2.9 MB Download
HK12 Tai Hang / Jardine's Lookout 2.7 MB Download
HK13 Wah Fu / Tin Wan 2.2 MB Download
HK14 Aberdeen / Wong Chuk Hang 2.4 MB Download
HK15 Shouson Hill / Wong Nai Chung 2.2 MB Download
HK16 Aberdeen / Ap Lei Chau 2.3 MB Download
HK17 Ocean Park 2.6 MB Download
HK18 Deep Water Bay / Repulse Bay 3.5 MB Download
HK19 Chung Hom Kok / Stanley 3.5 MB Download
HK20 Red Hill Peninsula / Shek O 3.3 MB Download

Whole Territory Map

PDF Map Title File Size Download
SS00 HKSAR 4.2 MB Download

Kowloon (Street Map)

PDF Map Title File Size Download
KN01 Lai King / Lai Chi Kok 2.6 MB Download
KN02 Cheung Sha Wan / Shek Kip Mei 3.1 MB Download
KN03 Kowloon Tong / Wong Tai Sin 3.2 MB Download
KN04 Diamond Hill / Ngau Chi Wan 3.9 MB Download
KN05 Stonecutters Island / Cheung Sha Wan 2.4 MB Download
KN06 Sham Shui Po / Mong Kok 3.5 MB Download
KN07 Kowloon Tong / Ma Tau Wai 3 MB Download
KN08 Kai Tak / Kowloon Bay 3.3 MB Download
KN09 Shun Lee / Anderson 2.8 MB Download
KN10 Yau Ma Tei / Mong Kok 2.7 MB Download
KN11 Ho Man Tin / To Kwa Wan 3.1 MB Download
KN12 Tsim Sha Tsui 2.5 MB Download
KN13 West Kowloon 1.4 MB Download
KN14 Hung Hom 1.5 MB Download
KN15 Cruise Terminal / Kwun Tong 2.9 MB Download
KN16 Lam Tin 2.7 MB Download
KN17 Yau Tong 2.2 MB Download

New Territories East (Street Map)

PDF Map Title File Size Download
NE01 Tseung Kwan O / Hang Hau 3.4 MB Download
NE02 Tiu Keng Leng / LOHAS Park 2.9 MB Download
NE03 Tseung Kwan O Ind. Est. 1.5 MB Download
NE04 Clear Water Bay Peninsula 2.2 MB Download
NE05 Clear Water Bay 2.2 MB Download
NE06 Pik Uk / HKUST 2.6 MB Download
NE07 Ho Chung / Hebe Haven (Pak Sha Wan) 2.4 MB Download
NE08 Sai Kung 2.6 MB Download
NE09 Hin Keng / Tai Wai 3.3 MB Download
NE10 Mei Lam / Sha Tin Town Centre 3.7 MB Download
NE11 Yuen Chau Kok / Shek Mun 3.7 MB Download
NE12 Shui Chuen O Estate 1.9 MB Download
NE13 Fo Tan / Racecourse 3.1 MB Download
NE14 CUHK / Science Park 2.8 MB Download
NE15 Tai Po Kau 1.5 MB Download
NE16 Wu Kai Sha 2.2 MB Download
NE17 Ma On Shan 2.7 MB Download
NE18 Lam Tsuen / Tai Wo 3.5 MB Download
NE19 Tai Po 4.4 MB Download
NE20 Tai Po Ind. Est. 3 MB Download
NE21 Wun Yiu 1.6 MB Download
NE22 Shuen Wan 3 MB Download
NE23 Tai Mei Tuk 1.6 MB Download
NE24 Sha Tau Kok 1.4 MB Download
NE25 Long Valley / Fanling Golf Course 5.3 MB Download
NE26 Sheung Shui / Fanling 5.7 MB Download
NE27 Ta Kwu Ling 4.9 MB Download
NE28 Lung Yeuk Tau 5.8 MB Download
NE29 Wo Keng Shan / Nam Chung 3 MB Download

New Territories West (Street Map)

PDF Map Title File Size Download
NW01 Lok Ma Chau Loop / Lo Wu 3.4 MB Download
NW02 Lok Ma Chau / Kwu Tung 6.2 MB Download
NW03 Fairview Park / Ngau Tam Mei 4.8 MB Download
NW04 Tin Shui Wai 5.6 MB Download
NW05 Wang Chau / Nam Sang Wai 2.7 MB Download
NW06 Tai Sang Wai / Fung Kat Heung 4.8 MB Download
NW07 Hung Shui Kiu / Ping Shan 7.8 MB Download
NW08 Yuen Long 5.8 MB Download
NW09 Au Tau / Kam Tin 5.5 MB Download
NW10 Shek Kong Barracks / Pat Heung 6.8 MB Download
NW11 Tai Tong / Shap Pat Heung 7.1 MB Download
NW12 Tsing Long Highway / Yuen Kong 3.6 MB Download
NW13 Tsz Tin / Lam Tei 5.6 MB Download
NW14 Tuen Mun 3.8 MB Download
NW15 Tuen Mun Ferry Pier / Sam Shing Hui 5.6 MB Download
NW16 Tap Shek Kok / Pillar Point 3 MB Download
NW17 Hong Kong Gold Coast / Siu Lam 4.6 MB Download
NW18 Tai Lam Chung / Tsing Lung Tau 2.3 MB Download
NW19 Sham Tseng 2 MB Download
NW20 Ting Kau 2 MB Download
NW21 Chai Wan Kok / Tsuen Wan 3.3 MB Download
NW22 Sheung Kwai Chung 3.2 MB Download
NW23 Ha Kwai Chung 3.6 MB Download
NW24 Tsing Yi North 2.6 MB Download
NW25 Tsing Yi South 1.7 MB Download

Islands (Street Map)

PDF Map Title File Size Download
IS01 Ping Chau 2.5 MB Download
IS02 Ma Wan 3 MB Download
IS03 Peng Chau 1.8 MB Download
IS04 Cheung Chau 3.2 MB Download
IS05 HK International Airport 2.5 MB Download
IS06 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port / Siu Ho Wan 2.5 MB Download
IS07 Tung Chung 2.6 MB Download
IS08 Tai O 1.8 MB Download
IS09 Ngong Ping 0.9 MB Download
IS10 Discovery Bay 3.3 MB Download
IS11 Sunny Bay / Disney 2.1 MB Download
IS12 Mui Wo 2.5 MB Download
IS13 Yung Shue Wan 1.9 MB Download
IS14 Picnic Bay (Sok Kwu Wan) 2.5 MB Download

Download Individual PDF

Item File Size Download
e-HongKongGuide Index Contents 15.2 MB Download
e-HongKongGuide Leaflet 2 MB Download
e-HongKongGuide User Guide 14.4 MB Download
e-HongKongGuide Legend 1 MB Download
e-HongKongGuide Hong Kong Railways Network and Strategic Routes Map 9.9 MB Download
The Area of HKSAR 1 MB Download
Introduction of Hong Kong 0.1 MB Download
Acknowledgement 2.9 MB Download

Previous Editions

Editions Complete Set Theme Page Website for Story Telling Map
e-HongKongGuide 2023
(Jul 2023 Edition)
Download (578 MB) Hong Kong Harbourfront Promenade
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(Jan 2023 Edition)
Download (619 MB) Hong Kong Harbourfront Promenade
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(Digital Map & PhotoMap)
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e-HongKongGuide 2019 Download (416 MB) Download (8.8 MB) Guide of Hearts
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e-HongKongGuide 2017 Download (339 MB) Download (9.9 MB)  

About e-HongKongGuide


The redesigned "e-HongKongGuide" provides 119 detailed maps of Hong Kong in A3/A4 sizes, gazetteers of street and place names, and indexes of estates and buildings. The maps cover the whole territory of Hong Kong, with urban areas and other built-up areas represented in larger scale. Button links are provided on the maps and indexes for easy surfing on desktop computers. Maps can also be printed out in A3/A4 sizes for personal use.

Map Information

The representation of a road, track or path on the "e-HongKongGuide" map does not imply a right of way. If the transport, leisure, cultural, sport and any other information in this Guide differ from those on ground, readers should seek confirmation from relevant government departments, authorities, organizations or institutions. The map information in this Guide is valid as of December 2023.


The "e-HongKongGuide" maps are in GeoPDF format which can be read on desktop computers and applications on mobile devices in offline mode. Users can easily locate their positions on the "e-HongKongGuide" maps using free map applications with satellite positioning functions. Furthermore, users can also search coordinates, text and information, add personalised images and information, and share with friends.

Users can also access the previous e-HongKongGuide editions from this website.


e-HongKongGuide can be read by a number of desktop and mobile apps. The following examples are not intended to be exhaustive.

  • TerraGo Toolbar® (using this free desktop plugin to read the guide map);
  • Adobe Reader® and Foxit PDF® (using these free desktop and mobile apps to read PDF files);
  • Avenza Map® and Paper Maps® (using these free mobile apps to read the geo-referenced map);
  • TerraGo Edge 4® (using this free mobile apps to read GeoPDF®, charges is required for advanced function);

For more information and tips, please refer to the "e-HongKongGuide User Guide".

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