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Geospatial Portals

With its wealth of Geographic Information System (GIS) expertise, Lands Department develops and provides handy web-map service portals to users across Government Bureaux/Departments (B/Ds) as well as the general public as follows.

The HKSAR Government launched on 3 February 2020 this Interactive Map Dashboard for effective dissemination of information on the latest situation of the novel coronavirus epidemic in Hong Kong. The Dashboard is jointly developed and managed by the Development Bureau, Lands Department and a group of volunteers from the Smart City Consortium. Datasets, now available to the public through of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, are contributed by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, Hospital Authority, and relevant government bureaux and departments.

Interactive Map Dashboard for COVID-19
Interactive Map Dashboard for COVID-19

The CSDI Portal was launched in December 2022 as the government initiative to support the development of smart city in Hong Kong. Its goal is to serve as an one-stop spatial data portal for different stakeholders to discover, interpret, share, and reuse the diverse spatial data for developing smart applications.

Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) Portal
Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) Portal

The District-based Spatial Information Dashboard is one of the four quick-win projects under Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) comprising the prototypes of ‘Temporary Vacant Government Sites’, ‘Elderly Services’ and ‘Childcare Services’ to convey district-based analytics to users by using intuitive and interactive data visualisations on a single screen based on general public interest.

District-based Spatial Information Dashboard
District-based Spatial Information Dashboard

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The Geo-tagging Tool is a web application that helps users to convert textual and non-spatial data (e.g. demographic data) into a form of spatial data for displaying on a digital map and further development of geospatial applications. The Tool supports users to:

  • Import textual records for geo-tagging
  • Geo-tag records on map interface
  • Download geo-tagged data in open and machine-readable formats

Geo-tagging Tool
Geo-tagging Tool
Video of What’s Geo-tagging Tool

What's Geo-tagging Tool

Video of Using Geo-tagging Tool wisely

Using Geo-tagging Tool wisely

To demonstrate the potential application of 3D Visualisation Map and spatial data on CSDI portal in December 2022, “Open3Dhk” transformed a large variety of spatial data into user-friendly applications which can support diverse users by the general public, the academia and professionals. Through the interactive functions on the platform, users can view photorealistic 3D city models of Kowloon East and Kowloon Central, building information and the approximate lot boundaries.

“Open3Dhk” provides the following functions

  • “Hiking Trail” application theme provides intuitive profile graphs and gradients of hiking trails
  • “Cycling Facilities” application theme provides cycling tracks and bicycle parking space
  • “First-person View” function enables users to have a detailed understanding of the surrounding environment of a location
  • “Visualisation API” facilitates streaming data of 3D maps for developing web services or applications
Open3Dhk Online Application Platform

The GeoInfo Map is a public web map service which was launched in May 2010. It provides free and convenient public access to accurate maps of Hong Kong, as well as providing the location and related information about various public facilities and services. It enables government departments to release to the public their latest geospatial data with satisfactory system performance and user experience. The public can conveniently access digital maps using various platforms, including tablet computers and smartphones, as well as integrate various geospatial data for different applications.

GeoInfo Map

LandsD launched the HKSAR Geospatial Information Hub (GIH) in 2004, to support the internal operation and information sharing within the Government. Through the GIH, geospatial data and related information collected from various departments can be effectively distributed and shared across the whole government.

LandsD has been collaborating with different government B/Ds in making GIH an ideal platform for disseminating geospatial information with the aim of delivering better public services. Advanced functions in the GIH, including spatial analysis and trend display functions, have been developed to facilitate efficient visualisation and retrieval of spatial data by officers in government departments. This facilitates their daily work and decision-making processes, thus enhancing their services to the public.

Geospatial Information Hub (GIH)
Geospatial Information Hub (GIH)

Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 (HKMS 2.0) is a one-stop platform providing round-the-clock service for ordering and downloading digital map products, paper map products and cadastral survey records to the public.

Hong Kong Map Service 2.0

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"MyMapHK" is an "All-in-One" mobile map app, which provides public with a convenient and on-the-go access to the official maps published by the Lands Department and integrated geospatial information about public facilities in Hong Kong.

Download the app for FREE from the App Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery!

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Features Story

MyMapHK app proves popular
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"VoiceMapHK" is a digital inclusion mobile map app, with the vision to bridge the digital gap and enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of the technology advancements.

"VoiceMapHK" provides users with a one-stop access to geospatial information in Hong Kong, including detailed digital maps and building information maintained by the Lands Department, and integrated geospatial information about public facilities provided by various government departments.

Download the app for FREE from the App Store!

VoiceMapHK iOS App Icon
iOS Apps Store
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Highlight of Functions

  • "Voice Over" feature which facilitates the visually impaired users to retrieve location information.
  • "My Location" function which allows users to locate their current position.
  • "Nearby Environment" function which searches the nearby buildings, facilities, MTR accesses, bus stops, etc.
  • Available in Chinese and English versions.

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Lands Department provides several HTTP-based APIs for application developer to query and retrieve spatial data. These APIs enable developer to integrate LandsD's digital map with their map application.

The general public can obtain more information of APIs from Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) Portal.
For users of Government Department, please visit Map API portal for Government Departments.

Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) Portal
Map API portal for Government Departments

Opening up the MapAPI as OpenData

Video of Opening up the MapAPI as OpenData

A healthy lifestyle with innovative ideas and maps

Video of A healthy lifestyle with innovative ideas and maps