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Land Sale

Government land available for private residential, commercial or industrial development is usually disposed of by Government through public sale. In recent years, land sale would generally be conducted by way of public tender.

The Land Sale Programme is annually announced by the Government for sites estimated to be available in that financial year. The Government will announce quarterly sale sites to be tendered to provide transparency and certainty for the market and may put up additional sites for sale in course of a quarter in response to changing market conditions.

Government sites not included in the above programme, such as sites for petrol filling station purposes, may also be disposed of through public sale.

Minimum Flat Size

The Secretary for Development announced on 24 February 2022 that the minimum flat size requirement will be applied to all Government land sale, railway property development projects, projects of the Urban Renewal Authority as well as lease modification / land exchange applications for other private residential development projects.

Press Release issued by Development Bureau for the above announcement on 24 February 2022

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