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Land Information Management and Spatial Data Analytics

Lands Department is responsible for creating, managing and maintaining a comprehensive and multi-purpose land information database comprising various types of topographic and land parcel datasets in the Land Information System, which provides a foundation for the day-to-day operations of the Lands Department, such as land administration, mapping, plan production, spatial data analytics and geospatial applications.

Land Information Management

To support effective and efficient land administration and management, Lands Department has maintained a comprehensive and multi-purpose land information database. This database is being updated and enriched on a daily basis to make it more comprehensive, accurate and reliable to support the day-to-day operations of Lands Department. Besides, these land information datasets serve as the foundation datasets for the use of web mapping and geospatial applications in other government bureaux / departments and the public.

Spatial Data Analytics

Lands Department has been increasingly using spatial data analytics to assist in making data-driven decisions in land administration and management, such as land control, lease enforcement, valuation, etc. We also provide spatial data analytics services to other government bureaux and departments. For example, we conducted an analysis of vacant government sites and sites under Short Term Tenancy (STT) & Temporary Government Land Allocation (TGLA) to facilitate the discussion in the Task Force on Land Supply meeting.