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One-off Squatter Occupants Voluntary Registration Scheme

One-off Squatter Occupants Voluntary Registration Scheme for Domestic Occupants residing in Licenced/Surveyed Non-domestic Structures

The application deadline has been extended to 31 December 2024.

Guide and application form of the 'One-off Squatter Occupants Voluntary Registration Scheme' are as follows, and are available at District Lands Offices, Clearance Offices and Land Control Teams/ Land Enforcement Teams of Lands Department and Home Affairs Enquiry Centres of the Home Affairs Department.

Households in non-domestic squatter structures already covered by a Pre-clearance Survey but yet to receive compensation and rehousing arrangements will not be required to submit separate application under the "Squatter Occupants Voluntary Registration Scheme". For example, households of the Kwu Tung North/ Fanling North New Development Areas, the Hung Shui Kiu/ Ha Tsuen New Development Area, the Yuen Long South Development Area, the Public Housing Developments at Kam Tin South and the first phase of the Wang Chau Development, which Pre-clearance Surveys have been completed, are not required to submit separate applications for the "Squatter Occupants Voluntary Registration Scheme". Although these households are not required to submit application for registration under the Scheme, they would still be required to fulfil the registration criteria (i.e. to prove continued residence in a non-domestic squatter structure since May 10, 2018, or before), so as to be considered as having met the basic eligibility requirement on applying for rehousing and ex-gratia allowances when the structure is cleared in the Government's development clearance exercises.

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