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Village Houses in the New Territories

Small House Matters

The New Territories Small House Policy is a policy approved by the Executive Council in November 1972 and has been implemented since December 1972. It is formulated to allow an indigenous villager to apply for permission to erect, for once in his lifetime, a small house on a suitable site within his own village.

Village House Rebuilding

In general, the land owner of the Village Houses in the New Territories is required to obtain the approval from the Lands Department before carrying out the rebuilding works. Lands Department will usually make reference to the relevant lease conditions and requirements set out in the Buildings Ordinance (Application to the New Territories) Ordinance (Cap. 121) to determine the location, built-over area, number of storeys and height of the village house to be rebuilt.

Application Forms

Form Form Title Details Download
CE/1 to CE/5 Application Form for Certificates of Exemption in respect of Building, Site Formation & Drainage Works
C/PVS Safety Certificate for Photovoltaic System installed on Roof/ Roof of Stairhood of New Territories Exempted House
VISD-01 Application for Rebuilding a Village House in the New Territories
VISD-02 Composite Application Form to build a Small House in the New Territories


Relevant Releases


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