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Revitalisation of Industrial Buildings

The Chief Executive announced in her 2018 Policy Address to reactivate the revitalisation scheme for industrial buildings ("the new IB Revitalization Scheme") to optimize utilization of the existing industrial stock and make better use of our valuable land resources, while addressing more effectively the issues of fire safety and non-compliant uses. The new IB Revitalization Scheme includes six key measures facilitating the wholesale conversion, redevelopment and non-industrial uses of existing industrial buildings ("IBs"). While some of these measures are to facilitate transitional housing and other specific uses (such as those in relation to the arts and cultural sectors, creative industries, and innovation and technology industries) in wholesale-converted IBs, some others are related to the use of existing IBs by certain sectors (namely the arts and cultural sectors, creative industries, and innovation and technology sectors) or certain uses (namely telecommunications exchange centres and computer/data processing centres on buffer floors; and cargo handling and forwarding operation and recyclable collection centre for "godown" use). For each revitalization measure’s details, please refer to the relevant Land Administration Office (LAO) Practice Notes and the announcement made by the Development Bureau on "Relaxation of Waiver Application for Existing Industrial Buildings" on 1 February 2019.

To further expedite the redevelopment of pre-1987 IBs, government launched a scheme in 2021 for charging land premium at standard rates in respect of lease modifications for redevelopment of eligible IBs. The scheme has been regularised in December 2023 and extends the applicable scope to cover IBs for special industrial uses completed before 1987. The Lands Department issued LAO Practice Note No. 12/2023 on 28 December 2023 for industry’s reference on the operational details of the scheme.

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