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Ex-gratia Allowances for Fishermen and Mariculturists Affected by Marine Works Projects in Hong Kong Waters

Fishermen may lose their habitual fishing grounds permanently or temporarily due to marine works projects in Hong Kong waters. Recognising that affected fishermen may suffer a reduction of income and may incur extra expenses in relocating their activities to fishing grounds elsewhere, the Government has put in place a mechanism to grant ex-gratia allowances (EGAs) to the affected fishermen, subject to fulfillment of certain eligibility criteria.

On the other hand, mariculturists may suffer economic loss due to public marine works projects which cause temporary deterioration in water quality to certain fish culture zones in the vicinity. EGAs may be payable to the affected mariculturists, subject to fulfillment of certain eligibility criteria. For private marine works projects, the project proponents will need to settle the claims from the affected mariculturists on their own.

Fishermen Claims Assessment Unit (FCAU) is responsible for setting up an Interdepartmental Working Group (IWG) for conducting fishermen and mariculturists claims registration exercises, disbursing EGAs to eligible fishermen and mariculturists and handling appeal cases. FCAU also acts as the secretariat of IWG to provide administrative support and participates in the work of IWG.