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Premium / Rental Assessment

Generally, the land owners who apply for various land transactions including lease modification, land exchange and private treaty grant shall pay land premium which reflect the benefits in term of land value to the Government. Premium assessment are centrally processed by Valuation Section. In addition, Valuation Section also handles rental assessments for special purpose tenancies such as bus depots and petrol filling stations.

Processing of Appeals

If the applicant disagrees with the premium offered by the Government in the land transaction, he may launch an appeal against the premium. The procedures of premium appeal can be referred to the following Practice Note.

Relevant LAO Practice Note


Pilot Scheme for Arbitration on Land Premium

The Pilot Scheme has been extended for two years until 23 Oct 2024.

Assessment of premium for removal of alienation restriction

The Civil Servants' Co-operative Building Society Scheme (CBS Scheme) is an old form of civil servant housing benefit. Under the CBS Scheme, the Government would grant land at a concessionary premium of one-third of the full market value of the land concerned and offer Government loans to enable eligible civil servants to build residential buildings for their own occupation through forming cooperative societies. The legal titles of the land and the buildings are held by the respective Civil Servants' Co-operative Building Society (CBS) and its members have the right to use the flats only.

To obtain the legal titles of CBS flats, a CBS may, upon obtaining the consent of 75% of its members, applies for dissolution by way of the Modification of Lease Approach subject to specific alienation restrictions. Individual CBS members may, after the dissolution of the CBS, acquire titles to their properties and land by deeds of assignment.

After one has obtained the title and the owners’ corporation has been formed, a CBS property owner can apply to remove the alienation restrictions as stipulated under the lease and pay the outstanding two-thirds land premium.

More details concerning the procedures and estimated time for processing the application are available at the Application Form and Leaflet.

In June 2020, the Government has reviewed the assessment basis of premium for removing alienation restrictions in relation to properties built under the CBS scheme and decided to accept the premium will generally be assessed at Existing Use Land Value basis as provided in the lease conditions. However, such assessment basis is not applicable if any notice of application for an order to sell the lot where the property situates for the purposes of the redevelopment of the lot pursuant to the provisions of the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance (Cap. 545) is or has been filed by any person to the Lands Tribunal on or before the day when the relevant application for removal of alienation restrictions is received by the Lands Department. More details concerning the revised assessment basis are available in the Information Note.

Individual flat owners for the 10 housing estates developed under the Sandwiches Class Housing Scheme may upon expiry of the 5-year restriction period, apply to Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) to remove the alienation restriction under the Government lease. The HKHS would refer the application to Lands Department with their assessment for approval by Lands Department, which should be final and conclusive.

More details about the premium assessment procedures are available at premium assessment procedures as provided at the website of the HKHS.

Reserve Price for Government Land Sale Sites

All sites under the Government’s Land Sale Programme are sold at current market price meeting the Government’s reserve price to protect public revenue. Reserve price is assessed by professional estate surveyors in the Lands Department on the public auction or tender closing date of the site to ensure that it reflects the latest market conditions.