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Development Submissions under Lease

Approval under lease

Under the lease conditions, there are usually requirements for development proposals to be submitted to the Lands Department ("LandsD") for approval. Such requirements are to ensure that the development proposed is in accordance with the lease conditions.

Approvals that are required vary substantially from lease to lease. The most common types of approval required are for Master Layout Plans ("MLP"); Design, Disposition (& Height); Car Parking Layout; Landscape Plans ("LP") and Tree Preservation and Removal Proposal. Reference may be made to Lands Administration Office (“LAO”) Practice Note Issue (“PN”) No. 4/2021.

LandsD will process and convey its comments and decision on GBP under lease as referred from Buildings Department ("BD") through the Centralized Processing System. Generally, formal approval will only be given to those GBP referred through the Centralized Processing System. Any GBP submitted to Building Plan Unit of Development Control Section or District Lands Office of LandsD direct will be treated as an enquiry submission. MLP and LP should be submitted direct to LandsD.

Streamlined Measures

Streamlined Building Plans Checking Process

All new GBP submissions 1 (including subsequent resubmissions or major revisions) for development and redevelopment projects received by LandsD through the Centralized Processing System on or after 1 February 2019 will be processed under a streamlined building plans checking process ("the Streamlined Process").

Details of the Streamlined Process may refer to the LAO PN No. 4/2018. Requirements related to GBP submission (e.g. format and submission of the Development Schedule, DVD-ROM and Coloured Building Plans) as stated in LAO PN No. 3/2018 and 2/2018 should also be observed and satisfied.

Streamlining Development Control

Under the auspices of Development Bureau, some streamlined development control measures have been put in place and promulgated by various Joint Practice Notes ("JPN") issued by BD, LandsD and Planning Department including the topics on Building Height restriction, Coverage on Greenery and landscape requirements, Building Setback and Building Separation requirements, Site Coverage, Non-Building Area restrictions and GFA accountability since 2019. LandsD has in parallel issued LAO PNs on Design, Disposition (& Height) Clause and Approval or Consent under lease. Table below lists out the JPN and LAO PN under different topics for easy reference. Please also click here to access the summary of the streamlined development control measures in the website of Development Bureau for more information.

Other Types of Development Submissions

Master Layout Plans

These include Concept Plans, Master Plans, Layout Plans, Preliminary Concept Plans, Layout and Master Plans. The objective of submission is to obtain approval from Government on the concept of a large development proposal. Such proposal would be considered in accordance with the LAO PN Nos. 1/1991 and 3/1994. Amendment(s) to an approved MLP should be submitted in accordance with LAO PN No. 6/1996.

Landscape Plans

JPN No. 3 (revamped in April 2019) sets out the streamlined procedures adopted by BD, LandsD and Planning Department in processing landscape and site coverage of greenery submissions. LAO PN Nos. 1/2020 and 1/2020A have also introduced the streamlined procedures under lease in connection with the approval of landscape submissions and compliance checking of landscape clause.

Tree Preservation and Removal Proposal ("TPRP")

LAO PN No. 6/2023 sets out the streamlined arrangements for processing TPRP arising from building developments in private projects for compliance with the tree preservation clause under lease. Please also access the related information on tree preservation.

Workshop Approach

To facilitate building plans and landscape plans processing, LandsD has put forward a "Workshop Approach" such that the lot owner or Authorized Persons or Registered Landscape Architect may request for workshops with LandsD for a presentation of the design concept of the proposed development or redevelopment or for exchange of views on the fundamental issues of concern. This administrative arrangement is applicable to all types of development. Details of the "Workshop Approach" may refer to the LAO PN Nos. 4/2018 and 1/2020.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Areas Calculation Checking in General Building Plan (GBP) Submission

BIM files submitted to the LandsD should follow the requirements of Guidance Notes below.

To assist Authorized Persons in submitting BIM files in an acceptable format, they are encouraged to install BIM plug-in tools that are available for download below.

BIM Plug-in Tools (Download Link) Related Guidelines
Revit (Download)
ArchiCAD (coming soon)

Guidance Notes
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
(PDF file)


Related Practice Notes

Topic LAO Practice Note Joint Practice Note
Processing of GBP under Lease
Car Parking Requirement LAO PN No. 4/2006, 10/2000, 2/2000 -
House/Number of Houses Restrictions LAO PN No. 3/2000A, 3/2000 -
Enquiry Submission LAO PN No. 2/2002 -
General Building Plan LAO PN No. 4/2018, 3/2018, 2/2018, 7/2006, 4/2021 -
Gross Floor Area and Site Coverage LAO PN No. 4/2014A, 4/2014, 1/2004, 3/2020A, 6/2022 JPN No. 1, 2, 4, 7, 8
Design, Disposition and Height LAO PN No. 3/2020, 6/2022 JPN No. 5, 8
Building Separation and Building Setback - JPN No. 6
Virtually Unrestricted Lease LAO PN No. 1/2017 -
Processing Time LAO PN No. 5/2002 -
Different Types of Development Submission
Master Layout Plan LAO PN No. 6/1996, 3/1994, 1/1991, 4/2021 -
Landscape Plan LAO PN No. 1/2020, 1/2020A, 4/2021 JPN No. 3
Tree Preservation and Removal Proposal LAO PN No. 4/2021, 6/2023 -


  1. The Streamlined Process is not applicable to the GBP submissions for redevelopment under virtually unrestricted government lease referred to in LAO Practice Note No. 1/2017 or other non-GBP Submission.

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