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Land Boundary Services

Land boundary services provide the information on the dimensions, areas and location of boundaries of land parcels. The services involve the carrying out of land boundary surveys which include the searching of land records and documentary evidence, field survey, data reduction, results analysis, definition or re-establishment of boundaries, preparation of plans and reports, setting out of boundaries, etc.

Land Boundary Survey

Lands Department provides land boundary survey services in support of Government's land administration functions, such as permanent and short term land disposals, government land allocation, small house application, land acquisition and clearance, land exchange, lease modification, lease enforcement, land control and management, etc. Lands Department maintains comprehensive land records containing information on the land status and lot boundaries of all temporary and permanent land holdings.

Addresses of the District Survey Offices

Land Boundary Advisory

Lands Department provides land boundary advisory services to other Government bureaux and departments in support of their discharge of statutory functions and enforcement actions. In providing the services, the Land Boundary Advisory Unit will vet the results of land boundary surveys conducted by the professional land surveyors in the private sector employed by the Government bureaux and departments. The results provided, wherever appropriate, will be used for the updating of land boundary records.