Orthophoto Maps

The Orthophoto Map (Series: OPM50 and OPM100), which is derived from the digital map product Digital Orthophoto DOP5000, is a paper-based orthophoto showing the whole territory of Hong Kong. The OPM50 is at a scale of 1:50 000 with addition of place names, while the OPM100 is the plain version at a scale of 1:100 000. Digital photogrammetric technology is employed in data processing, ortho-rectification and mosaicking.


OPM50 Edition 8
(1:50 000)

1:50 000

Sheet size: 1080 x 1400 mm

OPM100 Edition 8
(1:100 000)

1:100 000

Sheet size: 600 x 770 mm

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