Geological Maps

SMO has undertaken to produce for the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) of Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) the HGM20 series comprising 15 sheets at scale 1:20 000. They depict solid and superficial geology of the territory. Another 1:20 000 series, HGM20S, on solid geology is currently under preparation with Sheet 2 completed. GEO has also produced a geological map sheet series HGM100 covering the whole territory at scale 1:100 000 with both English and Chinese version in addition to three sets of geological survey plans of series HGP5, HGP5A and HGP5B showing solid and superficial geology in Yuen Long, San Tin Areas, Chek Lap Kok, etc. They are also obtainable from this office.

1:100 000
(Series: HGM100)

1:20 000
(Series: HGM20)
1:20 000
(Series: HGM20S)

HGM20 Map Index


HGM20S Map Index

1: 5 000
(Series: HGP5)
1:5 000
(Series: HGP5A)

HGP5 Map Index


HGP5A Map Index

1:5 000
(Series: HGP5B)

HGP5B Map Index

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