Digital Map Products

Availability Of Digital Map Products(PDF Format)

  1. Digital Topographic Map

  2. Digital Land Boundary Map

  3. Geo-Reference Database

  4. Digital Orthophoto

  5. Digital Aerial Photo

  6. GeoCommunity Database

  7. 3D Spatial Data

  8. Data Dictionary

    • Data Dictionary summarises the digital map structure and related attributes of each digital map product according to various digital map formats, the corresponding symbology settings and the description of feature tables as well. download
  9. Seamless i-series Digital Map

    • Apart from discrete tile digital maps, seamless Digital Map covering your "Area-of-interest" is also available now. The product is one single file of Digital Map in seamless nature. Please send email to or visit Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 Web Site ( for placing orders. view detail
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