Digital Map, which includes Digital Topographic Map, Digital Land Boundary Map, Geo-Reference Database, GeoCommunity Database, Digital Aerial Photo, Digital Orthophoto and 3D Spatial Data, covers the whole territory of Hong Kong is available for sale to the public through an online application, the "Hong Kong Map Service 2.0" or from the "Map Publications Centre, Hong Kong" of Survey and Mapping Office. The Digital map detail is represented as single coordinated points, or lines of multiple coordinated points. Coordinates of the Digital Map are in Hong Kong 1980 Grid, and heights are in metres above the Hong Kong Principal Datum.

Data Ownership

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region remains the owner of the Digital Map at all times.

Data Source

The Digital Map's positional accuracy is close to the source material. The 1:1000 Digital Map are derived from the original 1:1000 scale Survey Sheets (HP1CSeries) or field data of equivalent accuracy. The same applies to the 1:5000, 1:10000 and 1:20000 maps.


A non-exclusive and non-transferable Licence will be issued to a customer after purchasing the Digital Map. It permits the licensee to use the Digital Map from the date as set out in the Licence. If the licensee ceases using the Digital Map, the licensee should confirm to the Government's Representative in writing that the Digital Map has been erased from the computer configuration.