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Coming Short Term Tenancy Tender

Tenancy No.
(Note 1)
User Site Area (about)
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Tender Closing
Date and Time
Tender Notice

Fo Shing Road, Tai Po, New Territories
A fee-paying public carpark for the parking of private cars, light goods vehicles and motor cycles (excluding liquefied petroleum gas cylinder wagons (as defined in the Gas Safety Ordinance (Cap. 51))) which are currently licensed for use on public streets and roads under the provisions of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Chapter 374), any regulations made thereunder and any amending legislation 5 490 6 October 2021 12:00 noon on
19 November 2021

Notes :

  1. Click the tenancy no. in blue above to download the tender document and click the location to zoom in the site on the map.
  2. Site area quoted above is for reference only. The respective tender document should be referred to for details.
  3. Interested parties should refer to the tender document for each site for details of the tender.
  4. Tender document including the Tender Notice, Form of Tender, Tenancy Agreement (with plan annexed), Checklist for Submission of Tender and Information Note (if applicable) (including any amendment and update) will be available for downloading from this website during the tender invitation period for the site. Prospective tenderers should keep track of the information released on this website in relation to each site before the close of tender.
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