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Interfacing between LandsD's GeoInfo Map and LR's IRIS

The interfacing between the Lands Department's Geoinfo Map and Land Registry's Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) has been successfully enhanced and launched on 27 May 2017. This enhancement greatly assists the general public to search and identify the spatially enabled property information through both the Geoinfo Map and IRIS.

LandsD's GeoInfo Map

LandsD's GeoInfo Map (Website:

By clicking on the "Go to IRIS Online Services" hyperlink added in the "Lot Search" function of GeoInfo Map, users will be directed to the IRIS Online Services for searching land register of the matched lot.

LR's IRIS Online Services

LR's IRIS Online Services (Website:

By clicking on the "GeoInfo Map" hyperlink added in the "Search Land Register" function of IRIS Online Services, users of will be directed to GeoInfo Map showing the approximate location of the matched lot.