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Event Calendar

July 2010

Short Term Tenancy Tender Closing

Tenancy No. Tender Closing Date
1549 30/7/2010
EHX-467 30/7/2010
CX1883 23/7/2010
3746 Kwai Tsing 9/7/2010
3748 Kwai Tsing 9/7/2010

Works Contract

Tender Reference Subject Tender Closing Date
1/LANDS/10 Ground Investigation to Lands Department Slopes in the Southern Regions 30/7/2010

Sale of Government Properties by Tender

Tender Reference Property No. Address Tender Closing Date
LD PM A/378/25 (1) Car Port No. B299 on Basement, Braemar Hill Mansions, Nos. 15-43 Braemar Hill Road, Hong Kong 8/7/2010
(2) Flat No. 9 on the Fourteenth Floor, Mei King Mansion Phase II of No. 78 Lok Shan Road, Kowloon
(3) Flat E on 1st Floor, Lee Fung Building, Nos. 88-96 Argyle Street, No. 19 Yim Po Fong Street and No. 104 Hak Po Street, Kowloon
(4) Flat D on 11th Floor, Kingland Apartments, No. 739 Nathan Road, Kowloon
(5) Flat C on 15th Floor, Hopewell House, No. 175 Hip Wo Street, Kowloon
(6) Flat Q on 20th Floor, Hopewell House, No. 175 Hip Wo Street, Kowloon