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FAQ Corner for ALS/RPS(LS)

FAQs in relation to General Issues

Lot Index Plan is a graphical index for identification of the approximate location of land parcels only. In general, land boundary information shown on the Lot Index Plan is consolidated from various sources with different accuracy levels, and may be subject to continual revisions as and when necessary. In addition, topographic information shown on the Lot Index Plan will be updated from time to time when changes of physical features on the ground are detected and surveyed. Authorized Land Surveyors/ Registered Professional Surveyors (Land Surveying) should exercise their professional expertise to interpret and verify the information shown thereon whenever using it.

Survey information kept in the computation folders is in general saleable except sensitive information such as personal data or land boundary information which is still at the proposal stage. In general, the field survey information such as the traverse controls, level controls, surveyed points and boundary computation, offset and area computation of the subject site(s) can be available in a computation folder.

Lands Department (“LandsD”) has completed the computerization of all the ‘A’ Rent Rolls (electronic “A Book”) in District Lands Offices of the LandsD in the New Territories (“NTDLOs”). With effect from 10 July 2023, NTDLOs allow access to the information in the electronic “A Book” subject to prescribed conditions. For details, please visit the LandsD’s website at for the Lands Administration Office Practice Note No. 7/2023.

Yes. Village Environs Plans are available for sale at the Lands Department's Map Sales Outlets.

No. It is because both the gazetted resumption limit and the Special Condition Areas of a land grant are graphical delineation of the limit of the area. Coordinated values of such limit/ areas are therefore not available for sale. However, as an alternative, ALS/RPS(LS) or his/her employee may purchase digital land boundary maps and extract coordinate information for reference and consideration.

FAQs in relation to Voluntary Submission Issues where consents from owners for further distribution have been obtained

The purpose of the Voluntary Submission arrangement is to facilitate the ALS/RPS (LS) to have a common platform available at the District Survey Offices for sharing their voluntarily submitted survey information, which would consist of Land Boundary Plans, Survey Record Plans and survey reports, among ALS/RPS(LS) and members of the public.

The relevant form and procedure of making Voluntary Submission to the District Survey Offices for sharing their survey information can be found in SMO Practice Note in Lands Department website by clicking the following link.


Yes, ALS/RPS(LS) and their authorized employees can purchase the survey reports submitted under the Voluntary Submission arrangement at prescribed charge.

Yes, an ALS can submit such information to the District Survey Offices under the Voluntary Submission arrangement.

No. The land boundary information on Survey Record Plans submitted under Voluntary Submission will not be used to update the Lot Index Plan unless there is land administration works involved and DSOs consider it to be a better boundary evidence.

Yes, Land Boundary Plans/ Survey Record Plans/ survey reports submitted by the ALS/RPS(LS) and kept by the District Survey Offices under the Voluntary Submission arrangement are supplied to members of the public subject to prescribed charges.

No, the Survey and Mapping Office will not sell/ distribute the information in this category to any third parties. ALS/RPS(LS) are advised to contact or approach the surveyors concerned for the release of the information, if possible.

The District Survey Offices do not conduct checking on the Survey Record Plans and survey reports submitted under the Voluntary Submission arrangement, which is only for sharing purpose. Nevertheless, when there is a need to support government's land administrative action on cases related to development in the vicinity, the District Survey Office may make reference to the available information from various sources including but not limited to the submitted plans and documents.

This requirement will ensure that the owner or his/ her authorized representative of the subject lot has well been notified and consented to share the submission prepared by his/ her ALS/RPS(LS).

The registered land owner or his/ her authorized representative should be made aware of the change/ revision made to the survey/ plan done by his/ her appointed ALS/RPS(LS). Therefore, the consent of the registered land owner or his/ her authorized representative is required again to give permission to the District Survey Office to keep such revised information.