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Electronic Submissions

The Land Survey Authority (LSA) accepts the following submissions, in the form of electronic records, as required under or provided for in the Land Survey Ordinance (Cap. 473):

  • Application for registration as an Authorized Land Surveyor
  • Application for renewal of registration as an Authorized Land Surveyor
  • Notification on change of personal particulars
  • Application for reinstatement of name in the register
  • Duplicate of land boundary plan and survey record plan signed and certified in the specified form
  • The report of calibration of survey instrument, field notes and the report in relation to the land boundary definition

A LSA Circular No. 2/2022 covering the details of the above has been issued. Please click here to read the LSA Circular.

The format, manner and procedure specified according to the Section 11(2) of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap.553) (ETO) would be accepted for the submission of electronic information under law. Electronic records and digital signature submitted will gain legal recognition under the ETO.

To know more about the general format, manner and procedure (e.g. data format, media, language and digital signature) for the submission of Electronic Information, please refer to Manner and Format of Electronic Transactions.

To read the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, please click here.

If you need further information on the electronic submission under the Land Survey Ordinance, please contact Senior Land Surveyor/Legislation at 2231 3343.