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Applicant's Information

The information supplied by or relates to you in connection with this application will be used by Lands Department for considering and processing your application as well as for administering the relevant display of roadside non-commercial publicity materials and other related purposes. Your application cannot be processed if you fail to provide all the information as requested. Such information may be disclosed to other Government bureaux, departments or agents of them for the abovementioned purposes, to the media and members of public in response to their enquiries, and to any other person if it is authorized or required by law. Data subject has the right to request access to and correction of his / her personal data held by us. Such requests should be addressed to the relevant District Lands Office which your application is submitted to.

The Government has the discretion to provide the public with the information in connection with your application, including but not limited to the information provided by you in the application such as your name / the name of your organisation, the locations of the allocated designated spots and the display period if it considers that disclosure of the information is desirable in answering enquiries from media and members of the public.