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Public Forms

Form Number
CU 001
Form Title
Application and Declaration for Emergency Relief Fund
Form (Note)

CU 001 (for Type of Payment: B1 and B4)

 PDF format (2,004KB / 1 pages)
Submission of Completed Form (for Type of Payment: B1 and B4)
By Post/Fax or In Person to the Clearance Unit Clearance Unit
19th floor, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong
By Email to
Telephone Enquiry Number and Fax Number (for Type of Payment: B1 and B4)
Responsible Offices Telephone No. Fax No.
Clearance Unit 2231 5573 2501 4042
Clearance Unit Enquiries Hotline (for Type of Payment: B1 and B4)
2231 5573 (Telephone No.) and 2501 4042 (Fax No.)
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