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Summary of Applications Accepted for Further Processing

Summary of Applications Accepted for Further Processing Pursuant to LAO P.N. 1/2014, 1/2014A and 1/2014D

[Note: Regarding the Phase I sites under the North East New Territories New Development Areas project, the Lands Department has accepted two in-situ land exchange applications submitted before the expiry of the application deadline for further processing. The owners have accepted all the basic terms of land exchange (including the amount of premium) before the expiry of the deadline stated in the Practice Note. Currently, the Lands Department is processing the related legal documents with the two owners. Once the transactions are completed, the documents will be registered at the Land Registry and the relevant information (including the amount of premium) will be uploaded to the website of the Lands Department in accordance with the established procedures applicable to general lease modifications (including land exchanges). Such information will also be published quarterly by means of press release.]

Month/Year Location User Plan Showing Application Site (including private land involved)
07/2015 Ma Sik Road, Fanling, New Territories Private residential
07/2015 Kwu Tung, New Territories Non-industrial

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