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Hong Kong Guide 2020  

Hong Kong Guide 2020

Book size:
271 x 188 x 18 mm

The new 432-page “Hong Kong Guide” provides detailed maps of Hong Kong with indexes for streets, places and villages, estates and buildings, schools, public services, and leisure and cultural facilities, as well as information on public transportation. The “streets” and “places and villages” indexes can serve as gazetteers for names of streets and geographical places in Hong Kong.

With the theme “Milestones in Survey and Mapping”, the “Hong Kong Guide” 2020 reviews the development of survey and mapping technologies and map products in Hong Kong over the past half-century, and showcases the upcoming survey and mapping services.

The Survey and Mapping Office (SMO) of the LandsD not only provides professional and reliable services on land survey and map production, it is also committed to introducing the state-of-the-art survey and mapping technologies and providing services to cater the public’s needs. The feature section of the ‘Hong Kong Guide’ this year displays the 3D visualisation map, which will be available on the Hong Kong GeoData Store later this year.

The “Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint” announced by the Government in 2017 has specified the target of introducing different types of 3D digital maps and 3D pedestrian networks by 2023. The SMO of the LandsD is working towards this goal, making efforts in developing the related technologies and designing brand new map products.

The “e-HongKongGuide” 2020 edition, an electronic version of the“Hong Kong Guide”, is available for browsing and free download at the LandsD’s website (

1:10 000 Street Plan
(Series: SM10C)

1:10 000 Street Plan

Sheet size:
685 x 980 mm

This is a street map series consisting of 59 regular sheets to cover the whole territory. It contains rich information of buildings, roads, and public facilities, with contours represented at 20m interval.

Map Index(PDF Format)

Map Legend(PDF Format)

Urban and Town Maps  

Urban and Town Maps

Sheet size: 980 x 685 mm

Urban Maps and Town Maps are prepared to cover urban areas and new towns. They are printed in colour on both sides and are convenient street guides for general map users.

Urban Map and Town Map Index

Map Price List(PDF Format) | Production Schedule for Small Scale Maps(PDF Format)

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