Final Consultancy Report on Supplementary Feasibility Study for the Housing, Planning and Lands Bureau on a Data Dissemination System in the Lands Department

June 2004

Part 1 : Management Summary (Restricted for internal reference only)

Part 2 : Technical Specification

Final Report


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File Size

Section 0 Table of Content 112KB
Section 1 Current Environment Description 275KB
Section 2.1 Business Activity Model 102KB
Section 2.2 User Catalogue 83KB
Section 2.3 User Requirements 198KB
Section 2.4 Data Specification 478KB
Section 2.5 Function Specification 235KB
Section 2.6.1 Sizing Model 697KB
Section 2.6.2 Technical System Architecture 840KB
Section 2.7 Implementation Plan 394KB
Section 2.8 Cost-Benefit Analysis
(Restricted for internal reference only)
N.A. N.A.
Section 3.1 DAM References 1.5MB
Section 3.2 Sample of Source Document/Report 1.4MB
Section 3.3 Business System Options 363KB
Section 3.4 Technical System Options 231KB
Section 3.5

Function Point Analysis and Resource Estimation

Section 3.6 Cost and Benefit Breakdown
(Restricted for internal reference only)
N.A. N.A.
Section 3.7 New Staff of Lands Department
(Restricted for internal reference only)
N.A. N.A.
Section 3.8 Glossary 65KB
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