GeoCommunity Database (iGeoCom)

GeoCommunity Database (iGeoCom) is a set of geo-coded community information embedded with spatial reference in textual database format. It contains a collection of location points of interest in the community, such as school, clinic, library, sports ground, convenient store, railway station access, etc, with comprehensive address information, contact details and other related service information.

This Database can be used to carry out location search function for various facilities in a non-map based environment. Alternatively, it can also be used with other SMO's digital map bases for developing community-oriented GIS applications through the use of the geo-reference numbers.

The database is available for sale on single sheet covering the whole territory of Hong Kong in MS ACCESS or EXCEL format.

More than 30 000 records of community information have been collected and geo-coded. They are grouped under the following eight categories.

  1. Education, e.g. Child Care Centre, Schools, University, etc.

  2. Recreation, e.g. Indoor Games Hall, Swimming Pool, etc.

  3. Medical, e.g. Hospital, Clinic, Home for the Elderly, Rehabilitation Centre, etc.

  4. Public Services / Facilities, e.g. Library, Post Office, Fire Station, Posting Box, etc.

  5. Community Facilities, e.g. Community Centre, Mall, Convenient Store, etc.

  6. Religion, e.g. Church, Temple, etc.

  7. Transportation, e.g. Car Park, Petrol Station, Pier, Railway Access, Bus Terminus, etc.

  8. Tourism, e.g. Hotel, Guesthouse, etc.

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Posting Box
Posting Box