Internet Map Permittee (IMP) Service

Graphical Introduction to IMP services

Internet Map Permittee (IMP) Service

The IMP Service was launched in early 2001. IMP can make use of SMO’s map products, including Digital Maps, Paper Maps and Aerial Photographs, to develop Map Information applications for delivery on its web site. IMP may also deliver the Map Information for use at the Internet Map Redistribution User's (IMRU) web site. The Service is non-exclusive and subject to payment of relevant charges.

Application of Internet Map Permittee (IMP) Service

Interested parties are welcome to submit proposal with the following information:

1.     Company Profile

2.     Technical expertise in the proposed map application

3.     Details of Proposed map application :

-  Scope of the map application

-  Types of SMO’s map products required

-  Development schedule & estimated cost

-  Marketing strategy

-  Target users

-  Name of potential IMRU, if any

-  Security measures to protect SMO’s map

-  Name of web sites to be used for delivering the developed map application

-  Benefits to the community
-  Proposed method for calculating the royalty charge (per location indicator, or
   page view of map or both)

-  Methodology for counting the number of location indicator or page view of map

-  Forecast usage and charges for 2 to 3 years

4.     Other relevant information

Please submit proposal to Chief Land Surveyor / Land Information Centre, Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department, 23/F, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

Enquiries - Tel: 2231 3452     Fax: 2877 8520   

Charges required for using IMP Service*

(1) Data charge for the related map products and update charge for the subsequent updates

(2) Quarterly IMP Fee = $16 x No. of sheets purchased

(3)  Quarterly Internet Map Redistribution (IMR) Fees (if applicable)

= $16 x No. of sheets used at the IMRU’s web-site

(4)  Quarterly Royalty Charge [(a) and/or (b)]

(a)          $10 x No. of Location Indicator

(b)          Page View of Map

No. of Page View of Map 

Rate per Page View of Map





Over 1,000,000


*subject to any charges as may be made by the Government of the HKSAR from time to time

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