Request of Digital Map Sample Data

Please note that the sample data can only be used for testing with your application software for one month. The data must not be used for any other purposes except for the testing. It should not be distributed in part or in whole and in whatever forms and media to a third party. Please notify your staff that they are abide by the above conditions upon the use of the data. The Government has the copyright of the data which is a commercial product. If any person is proved to be liable for the infringement of copyright of the Government Digital Map, they may be called upon to compensate the Government for any loss and damage.

The sample data stored in your computer system, microcomputer, and/or any data storage media must be destroyed immediately after one month period, as you have no more right to maintain the possession of or use the data in any media and forms.

The information collected from you will be used for the purpose of processing your request.

‧  I Accept

‧  I do not Accept