The Survey and Mapping Office (SMO) of the Lands Department is the central authority for land surveys and all types of mapping in Hong Kong.


The major responsibilities of SMO are as follows:

  • establishment and maintenance of a geodetic network;

  • provision of land boundary (cadastral) surveys, photogrammetric survey as well as cartographic and reprographic services;

  • maintenance of a computerised land information system for mapping data and land boundary records;

  • production and revision of maps and plans at different scales for different purposes; and

  • administration of the Land Survey Ordinance (Cap. 473).

The SMO establishes and maintains an accurate network of horizontal and vertical control points covering the whole Hong Kong, for accurate position and height reference in land surveying, construction works, social development and legal issues relating to position fixing.

The SMO also maintains a comprehensive set of map in different scales in hard copy and digital form for land administration, town planning, engineering development, education, transportation, election, emergency and general use by the community.

The SMO is responsible for assisting the Land Survey Authority in administering the Land Survey Ordinance (Cap. 473) that provides for the registration and discipline of authorized land surveyors engaged in land boundary survey, for the control of standards of land boundary survey and for the maintenance of land boundary records.

New technological applications, such as the Satellite Positioning System, are being used to enhance the services to users.