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Hong Kong Guide 2017  

Hong Kong Guide 2017

Book size:
271 x 188 x 18 mm

The 424-page new "Hong Kong Guide" provides detailed maps covering the whole territory of Hong Kong. It also contains indexes of streets, places and villages, estates and buildings, schools, public services, and leisure and cultural facilities, as well as information on public transportation.

It is the first time this year's Hong Kong Guide has been spiced up with a number of community art maps provided by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) and created by local school children and teachers with different themes. These art maps, with interesting topics and heart-warming messages, were drawn with purity and sincerity and are worth appreciation. The community art maps have touched up the function-oriented Hong Kong Guide and given it a theme of "Mapping with Children", with an intention to guide the public to explore the community through "a Book of Affection, a Map of Love."

The "e-HongKongGuide" 2017 edition, the first electronic map book produced by the LandsD, is now available for free download at

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Urban and Town Maps  

Urban and Town Maps

Sheet size: 980 x 685 mm

Urban Maps and Town Maps are prepared to cover urban areas and new towns. They are printed in colour on both sides and are convenient street guides for general map users.

Urban Map and Town Map Index

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