July 2015

Land Sale by Auction
- Currently there is no scheduled land sale by Auction.

Sale of Government Land by Tender

Lot No. & Location

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Invitation Date
Tender Closing Date
and Time

Lot 2115 in DD 105

Junction of San Tam Road and Maple Gardens 1st Street, Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long, New Territories

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Residential R3 0.8754

26 June 2015

12:00 noon
on 7 August 2015


TPTL 226

Chong San Road, Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, New Territories

Residential R2 1.7121

17 July 2015

12:00 noon
on 28 August 2015


Notes :
1. Site areas quoted above are for reference only. Interested parties should refer to the respective Conditions of Sale for the full details.
2. Interested parties should refer to the tender documents to be published for each of the sites for details of the tendering arrangement.

Interested party may also refer to Land Sale Programme and
Tender Forecast for site available for sale.